Airbus is about to throw an idea to the US Navy

Airbus is planning to submit a proposal to fulfill the U.S. Navy’s Advanced Helicopter Training System (AHTS) with a platform based on its H135 twin.

“The Navy has released a pre-solicitation notice, targeting an RFP (request for proposal) release on Jan. 22,” said Scott Tumpak, vice president, military programs at Airbus Helicopters, during a media visit to the company’s facilities in Columbus, Mississippi.

“We’re very confident that the H135 is the right aircraft for that mission. It [has a] glass cockpit, twin-engine, and has a four-axis autopilot – most similar to the Navy’s fleet aircraft.”

Already in use for military training by armed forces in countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, Jordan and Japan, the proposed U.S. Navy-spec H135 will include a Helionix automatic flight control system (AFCS), FADEC-controlled Pratt & Whitney or Turbomeca twin turbines, and new high-lift main rotor blades.

“The H135 is already IFR [instrument flight rules] certified – which the customer requires to conduct their training missions – without any development needed,” said Tumpak. “We feel this gives us another advantage compared to the risk that may be there on some of the aircraft competing for this program.”

The U.S. military is already one of the largest operators of Airbus aircraft anywhere on the planet. The company has delivered over 600 machines to the U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Airbus plans to leverage its experience with the UH-72A Lakota for the AHTS program. Since 2006, it has delivered over 435 Lakotas, which are based on the EC145 civilian helicopter, to the U.S. Army.


It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out!
I’ll definelty be watching this one!

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Same here! Itll be interesting see hope they get it!

Isn’t the military (in reference to the US one) generally a hard sell on foreign aircraft/other equipment? I mean I feel like they would rather an offering from Boeing, Lockheed Martin, etc, unless this has some sort of significant advantage…

Not really, it always depend on the cheapest bidder

Cool stuff Mark!
That helicopter looks pretty awesome!

Thanks! Not Mark

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They usually prefer their equipment to be produced in the US, which Airbus is more than capable of doing.

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A lot of Airbus Helicopters are produced in the US as you said, the US typical goes to the lowest bidder on equipment.

I think it’s going to take you a while to ditch that due to the circumstances of you’re arrival… 😂


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But whatever, we’re just glad you’re here, we were in need of a helo guy for a bit… 😁

Pretty intersting stuff. I know that many airbus choppers are made in the U.S

Oh btw Do we have a new markstursy on the block?

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Yep In Texas!

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So an airbus helicopter for the navy, don’t see that everyday!

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Not yet! Maybe soon we will see more!

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