Airbus Industry Virtual | We Make You Fly | Official Thread | IFVARB approved!

Hello and welcome to Airbus Industry Virtual!

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Airbus Industry Virtual, or AIBVA, is a virtual airline based on Infinite Flight, a mobile flight simulator that has a well-established community. We offer a whole new experience for our pilots, as we perform a range of flight operations, from test flights, delivery flights on behalf of customers to chartered flights all around the world. The idea of flying a more diverse fleet originated from 2020, where we realised that a lot of airlines only have certain routes and destinations, which gets boring over time. Thus, Airbus Industry Virtual was born, which brings us here.

Hello, bonjour and welcome to Airbus Industry Virtual!

My aviation story brings me back to 2014, where I was lucky enough to leave my country for the very first time, on board MH52 to Kansai International Airport, Japan, as well as the return flight from Tokyo as MH89 (where I had 5 middle seats to myself :D). From that moment, I started researching and learning about aviation, which I eventually came across Infinite Flight (when Global Server wasn’t a thing yet). Though, due to real life commitments, I rarely had time to fly, until when “lockdown” existed. Due to this, I came across the idea of joining virtual airlines. Thanks to those VAs that I’ve joined, it inspired me to build a VA that has more liveries and a flexible operation that allows everyone to explore different destinations, ranging from Mount Pleasant, Paro Airport to Wellington or Sydney. A one-man show is never enough to build a brand new VA, so I am extremely honoured to have my dear friend, @Larerraven to help start up AIBVA, and he is the current COO here. We believe that as time goes, the airline is able to grow and explore the world in a rather different way, so we would like to invite you to be a part of us, no matter your background, culture and personality; because as our slogan suggests, we make you fly .

Yours sincerely,
CEO of Airbus Industry Virtual

Airbus Industry Virtual includes different aircraft based on operation categories, which are listed below:

Test Flight and Delivery Fleet Chartered Flight Fleet Codeshare Fleet World Tour Fleet
A318-100 A318ACJ A318-100 A318 House Livery
A319-100 A320-200 A319-100 A330 House Livery
A320-200 A330-300 A320-200 A350 Carbon Livery
A321-200 A350-900 A321-200 A380-800
A330-200F A330-300
A330-300 A350-900
A340-600 A380-800
A350-900 B737-800
A380-800 B737-900ER
B787-8 Dreamliner
Citation X

Please head to our routes website for information on our routes! As of now, we have approximately 700 routes in database, consisting of test flights, delivery flights, unscheduled/reposition flights and codeshare routes to 200 airports.

To further expand and demonstrate AIBVA’s connectivity, we have partnered up with several airlines:

Non-VA Codeshares VA Codeshares
Evelop Airlines Malaysia Airlines Virtual
Mexicana Austrian Virtual
French Bee Wizz Air
VietJet Air Aeroflot Virtual
China Eastern Airlines Lion Group Virtual
Croatia Airlines Jetstream Virtual
Viva Aerobus
Peach Aviation

In AIBVA, we have different rankings to ensure the best experience possible for the pilots, as they start to unlock more operations in more aircraft as they engage in our operations. Below are the details for each ranking and fleet/operations eligible:

Rank Hours Required Aircraft/Operations unlocked Codeshares unlocked
Cadet Passed application A320 family deliveries within Europe Austrian E195, A320/21, Aeroflot A320/B739, Batik Air A320, Wings Air DH8D, Jetstream T930
Second Officer 30 hours All A320 family deliveries, A320 family test flights, A330/40 deliveries within Europe Mexicana, Wizz Air, Vietjet Air, Croatia Airlines, VivaAerobus, Malaysia Airlines B738, Austrian B763, Aeroflot A333/B77W, Lion Air Group B739, Jetstream Citation X/CRJ200
First Officer 60 hours All A330/40 deliveries, A350 deliveries to Europe/N. America, A318 World Tours Volaris, Peach Aviation, WOW Air, Malaysia Airlines A333, Austrian B772
Senior First Officer 100 hours All A350 deliveries, A350 China Tour, A330 World Tour Evelop Airlines, French Bee, China Eastern Airlines, Malaysia Airlines B772, Air Caraïbes A359, Jetstream MD11
Captain 160 hours A380 deliveries, A350 World Tours, A330/40 test flights, Chartered Routes (partial) Malaysia Airlines A388, Jetstream B788
Senior Captain 250 hours A350 test flights, Beluga between Hamburg and Toulouse (A330 acting), A380 World Tours, Chartered Routes (partial) Jetstream B77L
Test Flight Captain 350 hours A380 test flights, Beluga operations (A330 acting), Chartered Routes (offered or upon request) -

Interested in joining our team? Feel free to apply through this page! We welcome everyone within the community, as long as these requirements are met:

  • Grade 3 or above
  • Age 13 and above
  • Pass entrance test (70% or above)
  • Have a valid Infinite Flight Pro subscription
  • Less than 20 Level 2/3 violations in total
  • Valid IFC Account

Thank you for checking out Airbus Industry Virtual, and we hope to see you with us in the skies!


Welcome to the VA world, Airbus Virtual! We’re proud to be your first VA partner - looking forward to seeing Airbus Virtual thrive! Best of luck.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Malaysia Airlines Virtual


Lovely thread!


Congratulations on your approval - I trust the journey so far has been one that’s rather memorable. I’m looking forward to seeing more from AIBVA.


Nice thread, glad to be a pilot of the family!


Just applied, lovely thread, I have the uttermost confidence in the success of this VA.


Codeshare Agreements with Austrian Virtual

Hello IFC,

We are glad to announce our partnership with Austrian Virtual to further expand our connection into Austria and several destinations! We have added 22 routes into the database, involving about 10 new destinations, based from Vienna and Innsbruck. The agreement has also introduced 5 aircraft, namely A320, A321, B767-300, B777-200ER and ERJ195.

Thank you Austrian Virtual, and we look forward to more collaborations in the future!


Very happy to be Codeshared with you guys!


Hello again IFC,

Here’s our statistics for our first week of operations, enjoy it!


I will be joining as soon as I meet the requirements!


Hello IFC,

Take a look at our biweekly stats! Have a good day, afternoon or evening!

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I’ll definitely join


I applied for you guys


Here’s our biweekly statistics! Shoutout to @ST-ART and @Lion_50 for their increasing efforts within the past 2 weeks. We definitely look forward to see them more often around the skies, as well as having more pilots joining them.

Join us through the link below, and have a great day ahead!

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❤ Glad to be apart of the VA!


I’m certainly proud to be a part in a great and growing VA as this one :)


Partnership Announcement

Hello everyone! We at Airbus Virtual are extremely thrilled to announce our new partnerships with @WizzVirtual, @LionGroup.VA and @AeroflotVirtual! We now offer a variety of routes including oh-so popular and exciting destinations from Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, London, Abu Dhabi, Moscow to many more cities. Our rankings policies have also been updated, so be sure to check out which aircraft you’re now able to fly! On that note, we are also ecstatic to announce that we now offer a range of new aircraft types including the B777-300ER, B737-900 and Dash 8 which are all available here at Airbus Virtual.

Thank you and we wish you happy flying!


Nice thread


What -

I’m just a little confused. I thought this was airbus virtual? Aren’t you only supposed to fly Airbus planes?


Hi there,

For our mainline routes, we exclusively operate Airbus aircraft offered in Infinite Flight. However, to allow pilots to have a larger variety of aircraft to fly, as well as demonstrating inclusion in the aviation community, we fly non-Airbus aircraft too. After all, this is not a community competition; we would love to show our passion not only for Airbus, but for the entire community. Without competitors, Airbus won’t be where it is today. Hope this answers the question :)

Warmest regards,
CEO of Airbus Industry Virtual