Airbus House livery on the A321-200

Hi all,
I was just wondering if the A321-200 could have the house colours livery.
If this livery was added, it would make if better for the community!images%20(1)


For a #features request, please be more specific, and please keep it to one specific livery. I would also suggest checking current feature requests, as duplicates will only be closed.

Thank you.

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Is that better?

Not really, sorry, gotta keep it to 1 livery, I believe that most of these have already been requested as well.

Here’s the Jetstar A321


Here, go check this out

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Oops, same time haha

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Now is it good?

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Looks good, but I think you would get more votes if you put a photo, or a brief description of what it is and why it should be added.

So far, there is no House colours for the A321 200 in IF. There is the Crj900 livery so why can’t there be an A321 200 neo one?

Now is it okay?

Well, the Neo has different engines on it so no. One of the reasons we don’t have an Aer Lingus A330 is because of this, which was started by a staff member recently. Infinite Flight no longer adds unrealistic liveries to aircraft.