Airbus has produced its 100th A220

Airbus has just made a major milestone in its a220 program, by producing its 100th aircraft with delivery to AirBaltic. There is a commemorative decal on the aircraft itself, and an event was held in Toulouse to celebrate.


wow that didnt take long


I know, Airbus has had great success with the program


Has anyone noticed this Air Baltic A220 has a slightly different livery? The green tail now extends all the way down, (like pretty much every other European airline), and I feel that there’s a slight difference in the text.

Wow I missed that… I think the text was moved up a few feet to make room for the decal.

Yeah they talked about a new livery, it’s a little but nice change.

YoU mAdE a mistake. Isn’t it CSeries and Bombardier

(jk, I wish it still was tho)

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Same here, although the plane would essentially cease to exist under bombardier control.

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That moment when you walk on a A220 and see this

Bonus pic of our A220

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YAY for Airbus yAY for Bombardier yay for Canada 🇨🇦 yay

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Yyyyeeeeeeeessssss!! I feel honoured as my mother airline is having the a220!

I love to see this!

I think that we can all agree that it is a beautiful and revolutionary plane. I really hope that A220 receives more orders and become a more familiar site in the sky. It has a stunning and modern cockpit with all of the latest tech.

Here’s a picture from when I flew on the jumpseat onboard an A220-100:

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Really proud of the whole team (s) at Airbus and Bombardier for that achievement. It’s a great aircraft and together with Airbus salesforce it’s now getting where it belongs!

For all those, who like me believe this aircraft should be in If, vote here:

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