Airbus Has Been Hit by Cyber Attacks For the 4th Time

Well, this just happened… Airbus has been hit by a series of cyberattacks suspected to be from China.

This is the fourth attack on the company this year. In previous attacks, documents have been stolen relating to aircraft. In the previous attacks, hackers have targeted documents belonging to the A400, and other military aircraft that Airbus makes. It is unknown if the hacker(s) are state-backed, or independent. The attack has been suspected to be an attempt to steal aircraft plans. More info coming soon.

Edit 1: In further investigation, a series of documents relating to or directly to the A400 have been stolen. It is unknown if anything else has been taken.


Amazing what hackers can do these days


More info has been found on the hackers:

If they were trying to steal plans, I am honestly not surprised as China isn’t exactly original in some of their aircraft designs.


Well there was this picture rumored to be taken in China by a satellite. image

As you can see, it appears to be a Chinese F-117 or F-117 rip off thingy.
But yeah, I would not put it below China.

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I hate when people do that (outside of aviation as well). Like it’s not your work! Don’t steal the thing and use it! It makes me so angry lol


China once directly ripped off a Mitsubishi aircraft and called it their design.

Kind of like the soviets and the TU-144 and the Concorde.

I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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Here is an interesting article:


Whelp. China is known for ripping off a lot of things. Why am I surprised?

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