Airbus formation flight videos - military, helicopter and commercial

The formation flights for airbus’ 50th anniversary were only recently uploaded to youtube and they’re my first time watching them.

I have to say, theyre some of the most exhilarating videos ive ever watched. Especially the airbus Defence video.

Heres the main 50th anniversary formation flight with all commercial, military and helicopters featured.

Here are the individual formation flight videos

Airbus defence:

Airbus helicopters:

Airbus commercial:


Yea I saw that too, was gonna post something about that. But now I’m just gonna ask someone here… Are those commercial heavies doing formation flight for real or they’re just 3D graphics? (pretty good tho if it were).

And one wonders… when someone’s gonna make formation group flights like that in IF, if using Airbus we’ll be escorting an A380 in the middle, and a 747 if using Boeing. Imagine the planning and schematics involved on timed take-off - assemble on cruise - break for approach, I’ll sign up for a gate immediately! :D

Thanks for posting @Hamza.N
Happy 50th Birthday, Airbus!
Cheers all and happy landings.


Its all real.

Great thread @Hamza.N!! I am sad that the A340 was not in the commercial formation.

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