Airbus flaps

I read on that, at Flaps 1 only the slats are extended, and with 1+F the flaps extend, then its 2 to F as normal.
My question is, shouldn’t IF Airbuses have 1 for extending the slats only, instead of extending the slats and flaps?
Can someone confirm this?

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1 is extending the slats
1+F is extending the flaps and the slats.
2 is extending flaps
3 is extending flaps
F fully extends the flaps and slats.

(This is for Airbus A330, A340 and A380, the A320 family is the same, but without 1+F, the slats fully extend at 1.)


I know. But IF doesn’t have 1+F.

It does on the A330

Um whats the difference between slats and flaps?

And in thr A380 and A340. But the A320 family doesn’t have them.

Slats are the things on the front of the wing.
Flaps are the things on the back of the wing.

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What about the a350?

That’s not in infinite flight.

I does on the A330

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