Airbus family flaps.

Hi all, I’d like to know if Airbus planes use flap settings Full when landing.
I also have these speeds for the A318 on Normal weight.
1: 220kts.
2: 195kts.
3: 175kts.
F: 150kts.

Can someone confirm these?


I use full on 120-130 knots but people told me it would be better if it 140-150 on flaps 3 knots because of traffic…

Btw I do not confirm those because I am a semi-noob

What I’ve seen is that the A318 floats over the runway even at 120kts.

A320 family’s flaps speed are located in the cockpit

I know, but those are IRL, they don’t work for the game.

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Sure they do.

At flaps @ F, you can fly as slowly as 125 ktsm though technically the landing speed is around 135

The speeds you see in the cockpit are the maximum speeds, so you can select the flaps anytime below that speed.