Airbus E-Fan X

Hey guys !
Everyone who follows the news of aviation etc. knows that Airbus has announced that the first flight of the E-Fan X is in 2021. What is the Airbus E-Fan X ?

The E-Fan X is a complex hybrid-electric aircraft demonstrator. In the test aircraft, one of the four jet engines will be replaced by a 2MW electric motor, which is roughly equivalent to that of 10 medium-sized cars. The electric propulsion unit is powered by a power-generation system and battery. When high power is required—at take-off, for example—the generator and battery supply energy together.


So in my opinion it looks like an Avro ✈️ but it looks quite good though
It is important to do something against the climate change (but we shouldn‘t represent it too extreme) and I honestly wouldn‘t care if I fly with a normal or an electric plane short haul routes. For long haul flights I think it wouldn‘t be able to do this
This is maybe the first step into the future of flying

What‘s your opinion about this project ?


It’s looks like everyone’s favorite little airplane…


Never got to fly on one of these but I guess the E-Fan X will work.

Though I don’t think it’s received any orders yet?

They already tested it in the wind tunnel you are behind on this new by like a week

Very interesting and cool that Airbus is using the BAe 146 airframe for this project. Which is also a cool project. Still plenty of these flying as cargo aircraft in Australia.

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I’ve heard about this and I absolutely love the fact they used a BAe 146 testbed, who knows this could give many older small aircraft like the AVRO rj/BAe 146 and Fokker jets new life.

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It‘s still in development and its first flight is in 2021 I don‘t think someone is interested to buy it yet

Do the Fokker jets need new life? Alliance Airlines is still buying them used and that is the only aircraft they have. QantasLink also uses them with no plans for retirement.

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That sounds very cool ✈️

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Well yeah but they are aging, just like the AVRO’s, they will still be used for some time but with the CSeries and other newer Short haul/STOL aircraft they will eventually be replaced. This engine can make them be used even longer.

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Sorry that I can‘t like your messages I am out of likes 😂

This particular electric motor probably won’t be powerful enough especially operating in dry remote Australia.

I thought the first flight will be by the end of this year? Or was that pushed back?

I would LOVE to see a hybrid or better yet fully-electric powered commercial aircraft in my life time. This certainly gives me hope…

so basically the Avro but greener.

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Don’t mean to go off topic but there already is an electric comercial airplane

Next step into the Avro family although I wish airlines still used Avros I love those planes.

Sad to hear that this project is cancelled :(

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