Airbus Delivers the Last A380

It’s the end of an era!

Airbus has delivered its final A380 to Emirates, which marks the end of production for the A380 - an era of 16 years.

The aircraft - registered A6-EVS - drew a heart in the sky over Germany as it departed to Dubai for the final delivery (shown below)

Doomed to be a financial failure in the era of point-to-point travel rather than “mass” passenger transportation, the A380 was otherwise an iconic aircraft in many ways. I still remember the time Singapore Airlines took the first delivery of the first A380 and how it promised a new era in luxury and travel.

Of course, the A380 will be kept in the skies, by its current operators. But for now, it’s goodbye to the “whale” from the production line in Tolouse. This aircraft will surely be missed!

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No this wasn’t the last one, just ordered a vip version.

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