Airbus Delivers First A330-900neos

Today TAP Portugal (launch costumer) recieved their first two A330-900neos with 20 orders in all.

This is great milestone for the a330neo program even though rolls Royce is having some delays with engines. Anyways, happy to flying and sorry for the lower quality post.

Make sure to watch dj aviations video for more details!


Airbus Delivers First A330neo - YouTube


im so happpppy

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You can see the cabin on Simply Aviation’s Tap A330neo VLOG:

Simply Aviation Tap A330neo Vlog

Sorry if I’m kind of advertising, I chose this vid because this is the first youtube video on Tap’s A330neo.


Awesome video :)


The a330 neo is one of many programs across different aircraft manufacturers that are dealing with delays. Rolls Royce needs to get their act together, if I was an airline, I wouldn’t buy any of their engines.


Yea really

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I’m interested to see how much they sell. Airbus has the A350 and those are flying off the shelf. They are both fuel efficient as well.

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Excited to see a new airplane in the skies. But in my opinion, this is a very ugly plane, especially the nose and cockpit windows.


Do you think the “sunglasses” make it look better or worse?

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It will look weird 😂

Well when they’re the only engine manufacturer for the a350 and a330-900… You’re kinda out of options…

Pretty awesome looking plane! YOU BETTER FLY IT INTO JFK OR ELSE!!

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I’m still wondering if the A330neo might be an option for the Lufthansa Group (maybe Austrian). They somehow have to replace their B767. To my understanding the only suitable options for a replacement are either the A330 or the B787, right?

What a beautiful plane !
It is quite amazing to see that it has -25% fuel consumption, they really worked the efficiency. It’s good for the airlines and the planet. I hope to fly in a A330neo in the future to see the differences with the “old” A330.

Here are a few pictures from the following article:

The TAP livery is clearly one of my favourite

The new sharklets !

Some stats

A time laps video of every building steps


I was thinking Eurowings/germanwings could also use the aircraft.


They only fly in Europe so I don’t think they will acquire an aircraft this size.

I’ve heard they also fly to some islands outside Europe near America.

Regarding the A330 NEO delivery, I am very happy to see that the Airbus A330-900 has finally been delivered after being delayed for several months. I hope this aircraft brings a bright future for TAP Air Portugal!

About flying to islands. There most likely will be flying to the Azores at one point

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