Airbus Corporate Jet Family

I just looked at Airbus’ web and found the Corporate Jet section, and I saw Aircraft I have never seen, as A350 ACJ or A340 ACJ. Just look at this.


Well Im glad you found out!

Wow, I’m surprised there is an acj380


I’ll add it to my shopping list.


Yeah, the website is very interesting as it shows the upgraded ranges. Some of them have a massive difference compared to the commercial version like take the ACJ320neo, it can fly up to 6,000nm which is a huge difference compared to the regular A320neo.

Yeah, that´s because in the ACJ aircrafts are for little groups of people, so it´s minus weight and more space for more fuel tanks.



We don’t have the A350

The A340 is really old and not very good so it’s probably not going to be added very soon

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This is from the official Airbus website…


We don’t have the A340

The A340 is really old and not very good so it’s probably not going to be added very soon


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We aren’t talking about IF, this was posted in RWA 👍

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I believe I have seen ACJ340 at KLAX. I’m certain that it was -500 due to larger engines and its fuselege wasn’t that long. Surprised to see that plane parking near 25R. Oh found the picture.


Never mind, it’s airliner that used to be leased to an African airline by Hi Fly. It’s paint look like business jet to me. Still a beauty.

I’m just invisioning some rich guy talking to Airbus choosing at random of a private jet. “Do I want the 380 or the 350. Mhmm”

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I have also seen that same plane at Lax.

I’ve seen the a similar one too but just at CMN Casablanca, Morocco.

yeah. You’d be surprised how many over-rich people there are who want to buy an ACJ340

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