Airbus completes the renewal of its range with A330-800

Airbus completes the renewal of its range with the A330-800
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Airbus stops renewals from Airbus A330-800(neo).

When do you collect this information?

I don’t speak French, so what do you mean by “renewal”? Do you mean they made the -800 have a bigger range than the -900?

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This is rather contradicting???

One time you say they have completed their renewal of whatever they have renewed, and the other time you say they’ve have stopped?

Which one is it and what are they renewing and why?

Also French, although many speaks it here on the forum, it still is a minority languages spoken in the Community. It would be nice if you were able to provide a English news site/media outlet for everyone to understand and get the wider perspective of what’s going on here.


No, they didn’t make it longer than the A330-900.✈🙂🙂

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Ok I will provide information in English🙂🙂

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