Airbus Cancels E-Fan X Project


Airbus and Rolls-Royce have jointly cancelled the E-Fan X Demonstrator project.

The E-Fan X programme was launched to experiment with electric aviation which used a BAE Systems Avro RJ100 with a hybrid engine. It was originally scheduled to take flight in 2021.

As Airbus puts it:

The E-Fan X is a complex hybrid-electric aircraft demonstrator. In the test aircraft, one of the four jet engines will be replaced by a 2MW electric motor, which is roughly equivalent to that of 10 medium-sized cars. The electric propulsion unit is powered by a power-generation system and battery. When high power is required—at take-off, for example—the generator and battery supply energy together.

As they “navigate the realities of a post-COVID-19 world” and in order to “re-focus all of our efforts on technology bricks that will take us there”, the two companies have decided to cancel the project.

However, they will remain dedicated to sustainable aviation and decarbonizing the aviation industry.

Despite cancelling the project, the companies have learned “rich insights for the future, including:”

  • Serial hybrid-electric propulsion
  • New pathways for disruptive CO2 reduction
  • Future certification and regulatory acceptance

Full Press Release:

Honestly disappointing. Was really looking forward to a small revival of the Avro, even though the aircraft isn’t intended for commercial flights.


No!! That honestly looks like a really great aircraft!


To be completely honest, that’s not my favorite looking plane.

I thought this was a great idea! Sad to see it go.

Avro RJ 2. How could they do this to us?

Do does that mean it will be like a car where at low speeds, such as taxi, it would be powered by a battery and when at higher speeds it would be a regular fuel powered aircraft?

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Yeah to me that would make the most amount of sense. It could probably recharge the battery at the gate via outlet or allow for “regenerative braking” as they say with electric cars that maybe as it descends, can use the wind to spin the fan blades to recharge almost as wind mills. Either way it sucks to see this project go. I was really curious to see what this aircraft was capable of.

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The Avro is just a test bed for the engine.

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Avro lovers right now


Gone are the chances to see the avro flying around with the airbus livery

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That’s a very polite way to describe a project…
Thanks for sharing the news, but that’s bad news story as the project was a really nice idea in my opinion. I really hope we’ll see a relaunch at some point!

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im glad because it didnt look pretty at all haha

Looks isn’t everything… but yeah it’s not the most eye candiest bird around for sure lol

For me looks is everything on a plane.

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A beautiful plane is a plane that flies well, Marcel Dassault

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