Airbus C295

Hello everyone !
So I visited the Airbus Homepage and when I entered it, I saw a gorgeous picture of an Airbus C295.
I searched for this plane but I just found an old topic which wasn‘t really informative.
This is why I wanted to open this new topic 🙃!

The Airbus C295 is a new generation tactical airlifter in the light and medium segment. It is robust and reliable but also highly versatile in terms of the number of different missions it can perform.

The C295 conducts multi-role operations worldwide under all weather conditions. It is fully certified and routinely operates day and night in combat missions in all weather extremes, from desert to maritime environments, from extremely hot to extremely cold temperatures.

With the new C295W version equipped with winglets, the aircraft is capable of transporting more payload over larger distances in the hot and high conditions, resulting in fuel consumption savings of around 4% and increased safety margins in mountainous regions.

Today’s armed forces have increasing demands for various air transport missions. And no matter what the requirements for an operation are, the C295 stands ready to conduct its mission successfully.

Previously produced by Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA (CASA, a Spanish aircraft manufacturer that is now part of Airbus Defence and Space), the C295’s production takes place at Airbus’ facility in Spain. The aircraft has received orders from military and civil operators all over the world, from Canada and Egypt to Spain and Indonesia.


Total orders: 210
Total deliveries: 175
Total in Operation: 173


  • Armed/Ground ISR
    An Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance version with a multi-mission radar that can also be weaponised to conduct effective close-air-support operations.

  • Water bomber
    A versatile roll-on/roll-off system converts the C295 into an efficient water bomber to fight forest fires with up to 7,000 litres of water or retardant.

    Its reliable long time on station in combination with its Fully Integrated Tactical System (FITS) make the C295 Persuader variant the perfect platform for maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare missions.

    Complete interception of electromagnetic (ELINT) and communication (COMINT) emissions to obtain a high level of situational awareness and to generate an intelligence advantage.

  • AEW
    In its Airborne Early Warning version, the C295 carries a state-of-the-art AESA radar for 360-degree coverage to provide a full picture of the airspace.

  • Air-to-air refueling
    With a removable refuelling kit, the C295 can be easily transformed into an air tanker that is able to provide up to 6,000 kg of fuel to fixed and rotary wing receivers.

  • VIP transport
    With its palletised VIP-seat modules, the C295 brings a high level of comfort to short/unpaved airstrips in remote areas where usual VIP aircraft cannot land.

  • Medical evacuation
    In its Medevac configuration, the C295 can fit up to 24 stretchers plus seven medical attendants, and even intensive care configurations are possible.

  • Paratroopers
    It‘s also possible to drop of up to 50 paratroopers

As you can see, it‘s used for nearly everything 😆

Flight information:

  • Range: 2,000 nm

  • Flight hours: Up to 11 hours in the air

  • Load: 71 troops, 50 paratroopers and five pallets

General characteristics

  • Crew: 2
  • Capacity: 73 troops / 48 paratroops / 12 stretcher intensive care medevac / 27 stretcher medevac with 4 medical attendants
  • Maximum payload: 7,050 kg (15,543 lb) normal

9,250 kg (20,393 lb) overload

  • Length: 24.46 m (80 ft 3 in)

  • Wingspan: 25.81 m (84 ft 8 in)

  • Height: 8.66 m (28 ft 5 in)

  • Wing area: 59 m2 (640 sq ft)

  • Airfoil: NACA 65-218

  • Max takeoff weight: 21,000 kg (46,297 lb) normal 23,200 kg (51,147 lb) overload

  • Maximum landing weight: 20,700 kg (45,636 lb) normal

    23,200 kg (51,147 lb) overload

  • Maximum zero-fuel weight: 18,500 kg (40,786 lb) normal

    20,700 kg (45,636 lb) overload

  • Fuel capacity: 7,650 l (2,020 US gal; 1,680 imp gal) with optional in-flight refuelling probe

  • Powerplant: 2 × Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127G turboprop engines, 1,972 kW (2,644 hp) each for take-off (normal)

    2,177 kW (2,919 hp) with APR

  • Propellers: 6-bladed Hamilton Sundstrand HS-586F-5, 3.94 m (12 ft 11 in) diameter composite propellers with auto-feathering and synchro-phasing

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What‘s your opinion ?

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My opinion:

In my opinion this plane could be very cool in IF because it is able to do lots of operations and because of it‘s modernity. Maybe this plane is better for the IF than the A-400M as it only has 18 votes. I mean I voted, too but I think I won‘t see it in IF in the „near“ future.

To those who think it‘s just like the C-130 (which is also pretty cool):
It‘s not. As I‘ve said it is much more modern than the C-130 and a bit smaller so you are able to fly at little airports, too.

If you have any questions feel free to ask or write down your opinion about this plane !

I hope you enjoyed visiting this topic ✈️😁!

Good day !

I like it! Not enough for a vote, but for sure an interesting one!

It looks like the designers have got an A220, put the wings the the top and made it turbo prop, and then got an ATR and crunched the two together. I still like it though! 😂


Despite having some A220 features… I don’t really like the look of it.


Well you got it 😂


Hmm… interesting, might be cool to have if IF, don’t have a vote though.


No problem 😆 just make sure if you have any votes left I would appreciate it if you vote


Thank you very much for voting 👌🏻✈️


Just a little bump !
Help us to get 10 votes at the end of February 😆


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I’m excited to see this aircraft when it joins the Indian Air Force and Indian Coast Guard both are going to have a total of 62 C295( 56 for IAF and 6 for Coast Guard), hope we can see both liveries when it gets added


Yep and there are way more liveries 😆


The look of it is quiet cool, I think⚡️

Do you like the colour ?

  • Yes, looks cool
  • Nope

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2 votes left to 10 what was our aim ✈️

Happy flying !

I think this deserves a bump now !
This plane plays in its own category ✈️


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Airbus C-295 takeoff.

Let’s hope to have this with the addition of the A-400 and the with the rework of the C-130 and C-17:)
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@Alex_Kraz Cool takeoff ! Yeah, I really hope to see this in the future, too. As you‘ve seen it doesn‘t need a long runway, this is why it can operate at the most difficult airports, too :)

Tell me your opinion about it and vote for it if you want to have it in IF ?

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If I had few votes left, I will vote for this:)

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It looks like a baby C130. Or just a militarized ATR.

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@KGJT-9149 Haha yes ! but still looks good in my yes :) and it’s not only used by military … some charities use it, too. If you want to check out the video above !

@Ecoops123 yep ! Looks like a mix of some plane lol but I think they’ve done a good job !


Still think this unique plane would be very cool !

Not that fan of military but with the level of detail you convinced me


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