Airbus C295

A very cool military transport prop plane.

Photo Credit to Airbus


I really like this plane. I usually prefer commercial, but, this is an exception.


Can you provide a link thanks.

If he can’t find the link he doesn’t have to include it.

I love this! Really needed in the sim.

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I never knew this existed! but I like the shape so you have my upvote

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Yes they do need to put the link for proper credit.

Looks like a Embraer !

I just added a link.

Profile picture stealer much?!

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Wow, never heard of this plane before!

That’s looks very aerodynamic and aesthetically appealing. Nice request!

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This looks kinda ugly, I’m not sure if I like this.

Considering we have the C130, I don’t feel it’s that necessary or would be flown that much

Ooh. It’s so cute! It looks like an Embraer ERJ + a Bombardier Q400

It looks like a downsized C130 to the size of a dash Q400