Airbus & Boeing Results for 2018

After the great year of 2018, both Airbus and Boeing have released their order tallies for the year!
Both manufacturers had an excellent year, However, Airbus fell short of Boeing for the number of orders they have received. Airbus has actually taken the crown for the past 5 years in how many orders they’ve had against Boeing.
In 2018 Airbus got a total of 747 orders (Yes, I know its quite the number 😉) But this is down 33% from last years orders.
In 2018 Boeing got a total of 893 orders during the past 12 months!
Both the A320neo and the 737max brought in hundreds of orders for Boeing. Certainly the highlight of the number of orders they have received.
We saw in 2018 Boeing had issues with the delivering of 737s due to the delivering of the fuselages and engines.
A similar case was seen at Airbus with the roles Royce Trent 7000’s not being delivered on time for the delivery of their A330neos.
But overall both manufacturers had an outstanding year in orders and I can’t wait to see what they plan to do in the coming year!
All the best!
Luke 😉

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