Airbus “BLADE” Laminar Flow Testbed Aircraft

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“Airbus’s A340 laminar-flow test demonstrator took to the air for the first time Tuesday for the EU-sponsored Clean Sky “Blade” project. The four-engine jet, dubbed “Flight Lab,” took off from the Tarbes aerodrome in southern France at 11 a.m. local time and landed at Airbus facilities in Toulouse after a three-hour, 38-minute test mission”.

“Blade, an acronym for Breakthrough Laminar Aircraft Demonstrator in Europe, aims to achieve a 50 percent reduction in wing friction and up to 5 percent lower CO2 emissions.” Read more in link above

I found all this to be really interesting, I always love to see this new aircraft technology coming out. Below is a video on the BLADE A340. What are your thoughts on this BLADE project?


Ehh, I kinda looks ugly…ish, it’s ok. But not great


I’d like to see what they do with this! I wonder how much more efficient it is…


Wasn’t therealready a thread about it?

Very interesting looking aircraft actually. Would someone make a feature request for this type of aircraft?


Nope, I checked all around :) however, if I’m wrong and you do find a topic on this before me, please quote it to me.

There was a thread and it was removed because the OP didn’t meet the TL requirements to post in the RWA category.

Yes, it was here


Damn it ok I will flag it for moderation :) thank you

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No, the old RWA topic was closed

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Not pretty. I don’t really like the wing shape. But if it helps the environment then sure


Yeah I thought the same. If it helps to reduce CO2 emissions and increase efficiency then sure

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Call me weird, but I like it. I’m a big fan of planes without winglets/sharklets.

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I feel very stupid now, I didn’t even notice the no singles things. I thought it was regarding the engine blades. 😬

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I didn’t realise how large the fuel burn reductions are with this new wingtip device. Hopefully we’ll see this on modern airliners with winglets. Very nice Airbus!

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