Airbus - Big and Small

Smallest Airbus
Big Airbus
Biggest Airbus


A318 maybe? 😉

Yeah, it’s an a318, then an a340, then an a380, I’m the a340

That’s a 319…easyJet don’t have 318s


Thats an A319, EasyJet doesnt operate the A318. :)


Oh, well they look similar. :P

Tad shorter for a 318

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Yeah , I get confused between them since it’s like so close for a difference

A318 have Mexicana, TAROM, British Airways, Air France, Frontier and Avianca on IF if I remember correctly plus the ACJ and Airbus liveries

Oh, irl? Or in the game

If liveries don’t give it away, then another way to tell is by looking at how many windows there are before the emergency exit in the middle. (A318 has 11, A319 has 13)

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In the game

And all these big aircraft were spotted at San Clemente International Airport.

I am kidding I know it’s not an International Airport


Good point…

Yeah they were at San Clemente

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