Airbus Beluga

It would be nice if we could have that Super Transporter.

That could be cool

Sorry mate it’s already been requested… this is a duplicate topic@MishaCamp pls close the topic. Also no pictures in feature request. It’s the rules!

Why is there a RWA catagory just like some other good feature threads have loads of pics

RWA is allowed to have pictures, I personally post pictures in RWA and most people don’t mind. But pictures are only allowed in feature requests when it explains what the item is, an example is an IF checklist, we need a picture of it to be more clear and identified.

Anyway, enough said lets move on

Closing this topic (duplicate, invalid).

  • Please search for topics before posting feature requests, a similar feature request already exists here: Airbus A300-600ST "Beluga"

  • This feature request is invalid, only post photos if you need them to explain your request (i.e. if it’s a complex request that is better if represented graphically). Requests for aircraft or particular areas for scenery should not include images.