Airbus Beluga XL first flight!

The next year I will go to europe

It’s big cause it’s based off of an Airbus A330. The height is so they can vary long and large awkward loads. The reason for the name Beluga is due to the fact it looks like a Beluga Whale

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When I am more bigger I am going to go to the airbus of tolouse.

How many days they take building it?

They launched the Airbus XL Project in 2014

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Beluga it should be called the whale

Dude, so many questions and replies. You might wanna just post One reply with all of your questions, or you can go to to find out more. Thats what I did to know more about this beast.

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A beluga is a type of whale. Notice the mouth (the cockpit) and the eyes.

I rest my case then


Yeah I was reading about it being based on A300. They also use it to deliver aircraft parts

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