Airbus Beluga XL first flight!

Watch the Airbus Belugs XL take to the skies!


Is it that pretty whale livery?? I’m excited but it’s time to go back to sleep…

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She’s airborne!!


She fly’s right over our house going to Broughton airport. at arou d 2, 500 ft. It’s a monster ( in a good way )


What a cargo plane! Entering service in 2019.


Jeez…that thing is huge! 7 meters longer!

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What are your general thoughts on the Beluga and Beluga XL?

I think it’s brilliant and it’s a great replacement for the existing Beluga which operates all over Europe.

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I think it would be cool if they put it to commercial use!

They’re, well…

Let’s get that in IF!! (Nb not a serious request, just love the look of that beast)

To where was the flight of the airbus beluga?

It was in Toulouse France

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And from where it departed and then arrived.

The same place, it was the maiden flight so nothing special

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The airbus beluga send passangers or cargo.

How many an airbus beluga can dure.

It’s a cargo aircraft used to transport aircraft parts between airbus factories in Europe

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Why this plane is big? They call them beluga because is like a Beluga Dolphin.

That’s just what it’s called, I don’t work for airbus but I assume it’s called that based of its looks. It’s that large so it can tra sport large wings and other parts of aircraft for example the wings made in wales have to be flown over to final assembly.

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