Airbus and the CSeries

This is a topic about C-Series and Airbus, not Boeing vs. Airbus!

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I think that Boeing lost out a great deal on the CSeries. Airbus struck gold but the A318/9 could suffer because of this.

I’m an aviation fan and I enjoy both company’s offerings. I do however believe that the 797 could be closely related to the 787-3 which was canceled due to lack of orders. I don’t have proof but it’s my opinion. The 787-3 was initially developed for the Asian Market and because JAL and another company changed their orders to the 787-8 the -3 program got shelved.
I think Boeing could use some of the plans for the 787-3 and incorporate it into the 797 to better compete against the CS.

The CS is a brilliant aircraft based on its specs and I look forward to seeing it in the air.


I actually hope the A318/319 suffers because that means more CS aircraft in the skies as companies order more to replace their 318/31ls, hopefully including Spirit and Frontier.

The a318 already suffered. (Only sold 80ish models)
The a319 is too successful to suffer. American has the fifth-largest fleet of 319s on the planet.

To add on to that, we also have the NEOs coming out…

But realistically how many 319Neos will sell when you have the 320 and 321 Neos?

It already has 30 orders.

The true answer will come after we wait and see.

its a forum and forums are for friendly discussions relating to aviation. in this case yes it is related to airbus and boeing

I know but the mods have not wanted us to go into a Boeing vs. Airbus argument.
Lets keep it about the C-Series and Airbus

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