Airbus and the CSeries

You have any proof for that one bud? 🤣🤣


Perhaps it’s a joke… Ever heard of one?

I don’t think you have heard of one based on your reaction!

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Uhhhhh we have no clue WHAT the 797 is how can you compare it???

Boeing did release some pics at the Paris Air show By the way.

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The 797 and A321NEO will not be direct competitors. The 797 will steal some sales from the A321NEO, and the A321NEO will steal some sales from the 797. They will both be success stories, and in the case of the A321NEO, it already is.

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LOL. Too bad every actual pilot disagrees with you. Knick knacks won’t ever compensate for the lack of actual control the pilot has over the aircraft. Yoke > side stick. Human input and control > computers and buttons.

I’m an Airbus fan, but don’t be naive…Boeings are superior.


Good. I love the Canadian manufacturing company but I love Airbus more. More planes and more variety in Airbus means I’ll enjoy them more :)

If you think about it though, a sidestick is better objectively as it doesn’t block the view of the instruments, is more convenient to use given that it is optimized for 1 handed use whereas a yoke isn’t so much. Also, many pilots do prefer the Airbus to the Boeing, just as many that prefer Boeing to Airbus. It’s 50/50. Also, out of all Boeing models being produced, all have glass cockpits, and all apart from the 737 MAX and 747-8F, which has partial FBW, have full FBW controls. The 777 and 787 have full FBW controls, which work the same as on the Airbus, and the Airbus can have it’s FBW controls turned off very simply by pushing a few buttons, whereas the Boeings do not as far as I’m aware. Airbus=Pilot flies the plane
Boeing=Pilot flies the plane
Honestly, the misconception that the computer flies the plane on the Airbus is just that, a misconception. It needs to end, as it is not true, or you should say the same about Bombardier, Embraer, Boeing, or really almost every commercial airplane manufacturer.

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bruhhhh the plane hasn’t even been developed yet how can you say that

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Going to be more fuel efficient, have a longer range, and more capacity, a true MoM aircraft

its also coming out in no earlier then 2030, aviation is gonna change A TON… you CANNOT compare a plane of the future to a plane that was originally developed in 1993

Where is your source that it’s going to come out no earlier than 2030?

The announcement could come at the Farnborough airshow in July but more likely at the Singapore show in February. The Boeing 797 began in 2014 as an outgrowth of the attempt to replace the Boeing 737 that lost out to the Airbus (OTCPK:EADSY) 320 with a new engine. A successful 797 would lead to a 737 replacement in 2030 using the enhanced technology in a different configuration.

and even then there is going to be a TON of delays so I would say 2035-2040 till its fully developed and flying

“It would enter the market in 2025.” - straight from the article

enter the market just means it will start production but when do you EVER see boeing do anything on time, the 787 started developemnt in the early 2000’s and it took 12 years because of delays and such

You’re still comparing a plane that was developed in 1993 to a plane that has yet to be developed. Boeing fanboys…


ughhhh I know right!

Tbh, the 787 was Boeings first program that had a delay. Yes, it is possible that the 797 may have a delay, but even then I would expect it to enter service before 2030

ummmm no you are wrong yet agian all you boeing fan boys say random facts you know nothing about. the 747 was delayed 10 plus years, as well as the 777, now im not saying airbus hasn’t had any delays because they have but you cant be going around claiming all there facts like “the 797 is going to be better then the a321” no crap… the 797 and a321 are TOATLLY different… and unless you are a engineer at boeing you just dont know

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