Airbus and Boeing callouts

I’ve wondered if we could have more callouts added to mostly Airbus and Boeing aircraft’s such as wind shear, pull up, v1(one of my favorites), over speeding callouts, priority left/right callouts to make the game even more realistic.

would be a great addition and make it systematic and realistic.

How would that work?


I use Infinite Passegers for that, it has additional calls outs from the ones not in IF

I don’t think the “windshear and priority left/right” callouts could be added to the Sim because the Priority callouts are use when in real life it is when the Captain or FO autopilot sidestick autopilot switch is maintained pushed for few seconds.

But in a Sim as both sidestick are moving simultaneously, this would be just useless.

I would more recommand you to request callouts such as “Tarrain Ahead” , “Too Low Terrain” and also the “80 knots, V1, Rotated, Positive Climb, Gear Up, Nav” that would mainly com from a Copilot System for all big jets.

Infinite flight staff already answered this question, no new sound will be added.

If you want some cool call out you can try In-Flight Assistant : In-Flight Assistant - Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level! V-Speeds, GPWS, PA, and more!

In-Flight Assistant act like a copilote.
It’s has some great call out like 80 knot, flaps, spoilers, V1, Vr, V2 etc…

I hope this help.

Do you have a link to the answer?

Oh my God yess. I am so voting for this


(out of topic but i really want to ask 😅)

Does downloading infinite passenger will enhance the game experience? If so, should i get it?

Infinite passengers gives you like passenger announcements boarding music and emergencies. This one doesn’t give callouts. The one that does is called infinite flight assistant which gives you all the callouts and cost 5$

I’ve heard of that but it’s not exactly what I’m looking for. While it does have the co pilot voices and the GWPS callouts, there’s still some more additions to make it more realistic like the Airbus/Boeing V1 VR and V2 callouts. Especially with the Airbus callouts.

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Some say it’s good some say that in flight assistant is better

For the login/sign in on the infinite passenger app, do i use the IFC account?

If I remember correctly I do believe so

alright. thanks!

I was looking for this comment :)

I can’t lie here, I was ahead of myself a bit with that feature but, I guess it would be when you switch from the captain’s POV to the First officers POV 🤣🤣🤣🤣


No sorry I don’t remember if it was in a stream or in Q&A.

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