Airbus altitude callouts

Would it be possible to add Airbus altitude callouts for Airbus aircraft to IF in future? This would increase realism and allow for better interfacing of IF with IF flight assistant. Example: while landing an A320, you receive Boeing / Honeywell GPWS altitude callouts followed by the Airbus thrust reverser callout (“retard”) when using IF flight assistant. That’s innacurate but can’t be fixed without FDS adding Airbus altitude callouts for Airbus aircraft in IF.

Again, FDS is working hard on a lot of things at the moment. Just an idea for improvement in the future. Feel free to discuss, thanks.

Fifty, fourty, thirty, tw- RETARD! I would love this in IF as it doesn’t seen like a big problem to fix but would add another level to the realisim.


Are you talking about IF assistant?

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Yes. Have you experienced this as well?

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Infinite flight assistant already does this I think and I personally see no need as I don’t even listen to the sound when I play. ;))


I spoke to the dev. He can’t do Airbus altitude callouts in the British voice as there not in IF: he can only do the “Retard” command at the end. It’s not the end of the world but altitude callouts are essential for landing a large transport aircraft intact lol vs doing a carrier landing.


I believe this subject lies in the realm of GPWS and TCAS, which has already been requested.

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We need this, it would sound awesome! Airbus callouts :)

1 Like Found this Airbus callouts and it sounds clear :)

Hi community please consider voting for this. We have the Boeing altitude callouts, would be cool to have the Airbus altitude callouts (British voice) for Airbus Aircraft.

Personally, I prefer it to be changed to “fifty. Fourty. Thirty. Twenty. Ten. BUTTAR. BUTTAR.” if it’s a smooth landing.

My reply was six months ago in May…

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Well now that this is bumped back up… I’m not sure if this could be implemented in IF, but maybe @epaga can implement something like this into IF Assistant. He’d need to find a way to override the current altitude callouts though.

I think I recall him saying that the Boeing callouts are programmed into IF by FDS for all transport aircraft so he can’t over ride them. Hence that’s why the “Retard” command is the only Airbus callout you hear when IF Assistant is connected.

The ideal solution is if FDS adds Airbus callouts to IF for all Airbus Aircraft.

Infinite flight assistant already does retard:)
And it’s awsome:)
No need I think…

No it doesn’t. Not the altitude callouts.

I’m talking about the retard call outs…

Well, then I suggest you read the title of this request again and rethink your statement :)

Now it’s eh? :)…

All the large transport aircraft in IF currently have the altitude callouts found in Boeing aircraft, regardless of if they’re an Airbus or Boeing.

IF Assistant uses pre-existing Boeing altitude callouts in IF and just adds the “retard” command when you reach 10 ft AGL: this “retard” command is intended to tell you to retard/reduce thrust to flight idle as you flare for touch down.