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Hello IFC, I see that the focus of Infinite Flight is now on reworking the old aircraft, you did a good job on the B772, and will also do it in future IF updates and so on. But I see that in the A320 family I think you could rework the Cockpit of the A320 family, I see that no buttons make movements inside the cockpit of the aircraft as the B737 has movement in the TRIM and I also realize that all Airbus aircraft use the GPWS without exception of Boeing, which is a little strange, and I also see that some aircraft have the sound of the Auto Pilot Disconect, What could be very useful in Airbuses too, and I also wanted to report that the “Sharklets” of the A320 family are a little crooked so I hope you can fix this in future updates Thanks ☝🏻

Hello! As per the #features category guidelines, only one request per topic is allowed. Hence, requesting an A320 rework, as well as changes to wings, as well as sound effects in the same topic is not permitted. Feel free to clarify what exactly you are requesting, and if necessary, create more than one request, with detailed information outlining the requested change or addition.

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Please take a look through this topic linked below for more information in regards to posting in the #features category.

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