Airbus A400M „Atlas“

It’s like the c-130 and c-17 had a child. Great looking aircraft!

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It’s such a great aircraft, I got a private tour of an RAF example at RIAT2018 and the cockpit was incredible and so technically advanced. Would definitely love to see this on Infinite Flight

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very good addition for IF to compete with the C-130 and C-17.

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The Airbus would be the perfect aircraft to introduce the Probe-and-drogue aerial refueling system to IF.

Does it have an atlas

Voted! Also adding a bonus pic from RIAT departure day in 2017! (My click)

With regards, B4ND1T

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You guys just got my heart vote!

Some photos I took of this beauty at the RAF Tattoo event last year!

I would love to have this in Infinite Flight!

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Why only 17 votes ??! 😭

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I really want the A400M in the simulator. I love it