Airbus A380

Hello IFC.

I was wondering if there is any updates about the A380? because its has been months since we’ve heard
anything about it please fill me in!

I’d expect it to be several months from completion. It is a very large aircraft to completely rework.

Its still a WIP. Devs are working on it as we speak. Its a massive plane so it could take a little time. When they do have more updates, it will be shared on Social Media or on the IFC, so keep an eye out for that

This thread is a good one for all the info you need

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I swear one of these topics pops up every single day lol

Instead of making a new topic every time, maybe use the search feature to check if your idea already has a topic for it.


Ik the if team try to do they’re best to make if a better experience, but seing over the years how much people love the a380, something should have been done a long time ago. And that’s coming from someone who has been here since 2013

The second the CL35 come out, people were like “where is the A380?” Lol


There’s a vote serval months ago to decide which aircraft gets the rework, at the meantime developers were focusing at the Challenger350 that people were yelling for. After literally 6 days after the Challenger release you are complaining about the A380, seriously?


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did you not read what i said? «seing Over the years how much people love the a380» which means for many years, people have been waiting for a re work on the a380.

Did you not read what I said? «The vote just ended» and you want the plane reworked immediately?

I think we’ll end it there. you clearly still don’t get my point!


And I’m tagged because?

Because you guys in most cases close the topic when there is nothing more to talk abou?

Then flag it? ;)

True that hehe

Good, I think you should end the complain in the community too :)

No news is good news sometimes. Good things come to those who wait