Airbus A380 rework


I really hope we get to see a rework on this aircraft as the cockpit isn’t the best out of all the aircraft


I don’t think it’s the best plane in IF because it does not have lots of things other planes do and it could do with a rework for those reasons but I don’t think this is best rework especially since airlines are now retiring it already. Only my opinion though don’t let this put you off voting for it.


I get your point, but there are still airlines buying it and loving to operate it *cough Emirates *cough, Korean Air phasing out the A380 sometimes doesn’t change the fact too much, that the A380 in IF needs a rework, in my opinion. ;)


Let’s add the last customer’s livery:
China Southern!

(I say it hopefully as a Cantonese)
Maybe we can also add the house livery😊


One of the greatest planes of the last decade. Lets do it justice and get it to current IF aircraft standards.


Yea, the A380 needs a rework so much 👍


Buy IF assistant!😃great app


This is very much needed! The Airbus A380 is one of the most iconic aircraft, and I believe it’s deserves a lot more love from FDS. Here’s an example of what could be reworked:

if you turn around in the cockpit, you can see the other side of the world!


Agreed. Maybe if we see a series of aircraft reworks, starting with either the a330 or the b767, this could be in the lineup for a rework. The a380 is not in as bad of a shape as, say the a330, which doesn’t even have a moving throttle, but regardless, it could use an overhaul.


Also the A380 has a three piece aileron


And maybe 4k Textures and a new Cockpit?


Now I can fly emirates at night:)


I don’t fly this plane very often but does this plane cruise nose down at high altitude or nose up?


I believe it does not pitch up or down


A380 would really do good with wing flex and some gear tilt eh?


Dream on, unlikely this will happen within the next year.


I know but it’s just a suggestion.


followed by its beautiful current strobes for sure ; )


@william are you just putting a gif of strobes on every request!?😂🤣


Really? That’s kinda unreal:)