Airbus A380 rework


To correct the nose and add to it the masses. Take-off A380 can not be distinguished from the A319, but only the A380 goes even slower, lacks that power itself


I wrote that post like a year ago…


lo soz M8 …,…


Good one @mbmhwue148!! This one is really needed. For me he whole airbus family is important. The A330/40 also derserves a rework


Spoilers armed please,Add that.
That would go great with the dance of the aileron


A380 Rework should come with Global. I bet it would be the BEST free plane out there for long haul flights.

@TheAussiePilot Iran Air colors on an A380? One of the last airlines I would think off when I think of A380.


Airbus A380 is one of my fav aircraft and I agree that It really needs a rework for the cockpit especially. There should also be an lower deck view of the wing


I highly think that a rework will render it paid.
Same happened with 787.


You have no source for this, it could be paid. Please don’t state facts unless they have some truth and integrity behind them :)


Possible liveries:
Air France
Ana sea turtle
China southern
Malaysia airlines
Asiana airlines
Singapore airlines
Possibly iran air
Korean air
British airways
Virgin Atlantic
House livery

Let me know if I forgot any

And virgin Atlantic has not canceled the order they still have an option for them.


I am sorry but now that we have global, this rework needs priority…


It really does, we‘ll see if the devs decide to rework it in the near future :)


It also could be a possibility to add the 380 Plus, and add one or two more liveries.
Will be sure to vote for this! They could actually do an Airbus Rework, like with the 330, 340 and 380 getting a rework.

Though I do feel that we need the 350, and the ‘very-fast-plane-that-wouldn’t-work-in-TS1’ first (AKA The Concorde)


I really want this, I love the A380!


Let’s add a few more votes to this beautiful machine…


I dont think a revamp of the A380 is necessary. the 757 is necessary. Darn thing doesnt even pushback.


Well, they’re both in need of a rework 😉


I think that the that the fan blades need’s updateing as there’re is no distinct blades in the engine on the A380 and many other aircraft. (Sorry if someone has already mentioned what I have said.)


An A380 rework would be awesome. Perhaps for realism they could include an Air France version with a wrecked engine?


I’m just gonna hope that was a joke.