Airbus A380 rework


Yes, like this: but the A380 cockpit:


Only way I’m able to fly the A380 is with the external camera, the cockpit currently is…i don’t even have the word to explain it



Our Dreams

Not IF… Sorry… :)


More like this:


That would be so awesome 😍

Having an A380 cockpit like this in IF is my dream xD


It definetly needs rework. And maybe a little more sensitive on rotating on takeoff.


So in love right now… with the second pic😍😍😍


I can’t believe that only 63 people have voted for the rework of the A380 come one guys we can do better then that… This Aircraft needs a good job done.


That is Aerofly FS 2


Ohh are we even allowed to post such pic here? But I like pic anyway


But I´m sure the cockpit would look much better in IF ;)


The throttle doesn’t even move!! I like how it looks from the outside, but not from the inside. A rework is needed here!


Even the outside is a bit odd, plus the textures are outdated…


This is so needed! I fly the A380 a lot and I hate the quality of its graphics. It’s great to fly, but just needs so much work. At night there aren’t even any interior lights!


I really hope this is going to be next, it is so necessary to have it fixed ;)


The a330/40 needs it first


G-XLEA is missing her fin number 😠. We need the liveries updated


Since it has more votes I’m pretty sure it’ll get it first.

Even though their cockpit is better (at least it has moving instruments)


Does this rewprk include the a380+? I think more likely not as it has zero orders so far (last time I checked)


Hmmmm, I seem to have ANA’s A380 right here.
also heres iran air.

sure it may look like they cancelled, but they just cancelled some of them. they still have 100 coming.
so yes the A380 does need an update and maybey iran and ANA.