Airbus A380 rework


The tail light just makes everything so much more vivid at night. Would be great if night mode is improved!


We need this! Wing flex, or atleast totally redesigned wings would look amazing on the A380!:


@Thiago_Ortega-Gamaro It’s not. In my opinion it’s the beauty of aviation, a masterpiece of design, innovation, automation and excellence.

It really needs some love, even though the 757 is odd sometimes aswell (but not as much as the A380 IMO).


Can someone tell me what wing flex actually is? I thought it was when the wing would move up and down and caused the wing to bend. Was I correct or not?


From what I know, is when the wing flaps up and down and reduces turbulence I think.


Ohhhhh, That was my second guess ;) XD


Variable camber I believe. They nearly put it on the a330 and 40. As mentioned by @Darth_Sidious, it reduces the effects of turbulence and on landing it’s used to proide lift to whichever beside of the aircraft needs it most.
Back to the rework, it would be nice to see the a380 plus, even if it’s only in the house livery. Also the ailerons move too fast. They definitely shouldn’t drop down like they do. Couple of extra liveries would also be nice…


I’m flying the A380 right now and it has such bad physics and desperately needs a rework becuase it hasn’t been redone in ages.


Even the 757/767 got at least some rework whilst the A380 didn’t…


I know, the a380 would look beautiful with a rework with features like cabin lighting, 3D cockpit, wing flex, and 4K textures.


757 and 767 need more rework than the a380


They don’t, they all got at least some rework, the A380 didn’t (if you check the AppStore)


The wingflex look so awesome😁😁😁😁this is a must have I hope @Laura is monitoring all of this…


I love Boeing but the a380 got my attention!so definitely worth my vote


If it was reworked this is what I would like to see:

3D cockpit
3D interior (maybe)
New special liveries (again, maybe)
And a first officer
And also tail lights


Already has one. It’s not like they would remove it


Imagine wingflex on the A380 it would be stunning!


There should also be the famous dance of the ailerons, but no first officer as requested above…


Yes but it doesn’t have the same quality as the A320 family cockpits which is what I would like to see.


So you want a high quality 3D cockpit then