Airbus A380 Rework

ye so basically I won’t be voting for this for a while


Same here, but I think we will be getting this amazing plane soon!


I hope to see the A388 reworked before they all go out of operation 🥺

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Not that I disagree (I agree with all your points) but then again this reasoning kind of applies to the A340 as well, which has its rework thread locked and there’s only one variant in game. I definitely wouldn’t mind getting an A380 rework though many would be angered if they saw this statement.


Good point, although the A340 also has the -2,-3, and -500 variants, so there may be some clamoring for adding some of those along with a new -600. With the A388 there is literally one variant so no worries there. Plus looking at votes and attention the A388 is much more popular (that being said an A330 and A340 rework may be easily paired given their similar fuselage characteristics, so if something with the A330 appeared on the horizon maybe the A340 could get roped in).

I don’t really know 😅 Honestly I’m happy with whatever is implemented by the developers - to me we have an up-to-par 737, A320, CRJ (minus working instruments :/ ) A350 and 777 now which covers all short and long haul needs of mine (along with the C172, TBM and XCub for GA and the A-10 and C-130 for military). Not to mention many others that are still high-quality: Dash-8, MD series, F-16/F-22, 787, etc)

So honestly anything could be added and I’d be happy :) That being said we’ve had a new Airbus and now a Boeing, so it would be reasonable to think next up could be Embraer (E-Jet rework for regional hops) a military upgrade (cough cough F-18 or C-17) or another Airbus - A380 - to keep things even… We shall see!


Is that some secret project Airbus don’t want us to know? 👀

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Oops. Hmm but if I told you then it wouldn’t be secret would it?

It is a great emotion when a rework is confirmed 🙃, but then it comes down to bad, having to wait months to be released 😭

VNAV CLIMB + Auto throtte, thrust limit(Assumed Temperature + Climb Mode), FLCH and calculated curves, are they only possible in “Project Metal”?

The liveries should be reworked as well, specially Emirates, Air France, British Airways, their liveries are completely messed up

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The last A380 has rolled out of the assambly line.

Soooooo sad😣😣😣😭😭😢😢😔😔


Yes, indeed… That’s why we need this MODERN airplane (in contrary of some other airplanes) to be reworked before it disappears.

I just voted for it as I love this airplane for real I would love to see wingflex and others on this beautiful aircraft !

By that logic it would make sense to rework the 757 and the A340 before tho… (Last 757 built in 2004 and last A340 in 2011 or 2012, not sure rn)