Airbus A380 rework


I would like to see this

inserted of thisin new update


The widow view need to more realistic like the first pic that I posted don’t u agree?


The wingflex on the A388 is so awesome :D
I prefer the first view ;)


I totally agree with on that …and good choice by the way.


Flying this LHR-SFO or to DXB or SYD would be amazing 😍 we need this beast to be reworked


Would be really good if this rework included the new A380 plus as a second model in the A380 fleet.


The A380 rework is so needed. I really hope a rework will make it into the next poll, the current A380 is not much fun to fly, there’s too much missing…


I highly dout it will come in the next poll, though I could be wrong. The 757 and 767 are in need of a rework more than the A380 - especially as they’re used more generally.


I´m not your opinion. In my opinion the B757/767 looks better than the A380 in IF.


Ok - but have you flown the 757 in the game? If so you’ll appreciate that it takes 30% power to taxi…not great if you ask me.


I have, IMO it still comes after the A380, since it has a better model.

Seen the A380´s pitch at cruise speed? ;)


And on the Qantas A380, the Kangaroo is wayyyy too big.


Let me just bump this topic, because I mean… For the most advanced aircraft in the world, I feel like this aircraft is very much under-appreciated. Do you know how beautiful this thing will be if it had:

  • 4K textures
  • Cabin lights
  • Wingflex
  • Dance of the ailerons!
  • Fixed physics
  • Fixed landing gear
  • APU light
  • Tail light
  • Cockpit lights

It would be amazing. This rework is a need for Global.


Not to mention wing flex, to truly appreciate that wingspan.


Would love the IF A380 being like that :)


No the 757 takes like 26%of power to taxi the 767 need more livery like America airlines 2013


I honestly think other aircraft should be prioritised over the A380 for example the addition of the 777x or a rework on the 767


Actually the 787 is the most advanced in the world but I agree with all else


Yikes in my opinion it’s a frickin fat whale it is rn sleek at all😂😂


Definitely agreed. The a380 is an aircraft that is much under-appreciated. It would be so awesome if all the features you requested would be added, ESPECIALLY wing flex and a redesigned nose and exterior