Airbus A380 rework


The rework should include wingflex, improvement of the thrust power (I feel it kinda weak), and a redesign of the fuselage (specially the front area).


IMO it should be completely remodeled like the 787 was:

New cockpit, new model, physics, wingflex, updated liveries…


Most importantly the nose-down cruising needs a fix.

Wing flex 😍


The only livery that’s missing on the A380 is the China Southern livery


Definitely needed aswell ;)


add ANA to that now :)


…and the dancing ailerons


Yeah definitely 👍

I’m sure they’d look amazing in IF


I believe Iran Air cancelled their orders for A380s if I remember correctly.


Oh yeah they did 🙈😬

Would have loved to see more A380s coming


@a380fan @mbmhwue148 we still have ANA trying to stand out with their extraordinary a380 livery


They’ll stand out even more if they end up canceling…


It’s unlikely they will cancel.


Especially with the cockpit I mean that and both 757 needs it


The dancing ailerons @mbmhwue148


1 vote left :/ I’m gonna vote on the next plane when the time comes


Looks awesome doesn’t it😍

Also check this one out : (on final approach)


I would really like to see this


Oh yea, this one’s awesome :D

The A380 Cockpit should definitely be reworked :)


Honestly it’s easier because it’s more massive. It can handle winds and during landing it just flies itself down.