Airbus A380 rework


As much as I would love the A380 to be reworked, what I would want first is cockpit lights on all aircraft (or at least the option to turn them on/off in settings) Flying at night is great fun. But flying blind isn’t. Especially when you’re flying something as big as the A380.

Example of exterior lights:


I think this would be in a rework


One can only hope!


Yes! I’m in support of reworking the lights! Especially the beacons where the “Q” is found in the picture below :)


As well the 2 beacon lights at the top…and more thrust power!


And the damn pitch, wig flex etc. :)

A380-800 nose heavy

I still can’t get over the fact that this one was no option to choose in the poll which aircraft should be added/reworked next…


Yup! I felt the same when I saw the polls…


I feel the whole Airbus family needs a revamp [excluding the A321 and A320, of course, they’re good enough ;)]


Indeed, they seriously require some work.


an updated a380 for global would be nice… lol ;)


It would really be.

It would be my very favorite airplane for Global…


Just because it’s big and it’s an Airbus. Lol
I’d prefer the agile 787 for my Global adventures… 😁


If it had realistic physics it would be as agile as an A320… :)


And if the 737 had realistic physics it would be more agile than the A320 :)


Screw agility
Who doesn’t want to see more giant flying whales in the sky 😂😂😂😂


Wrong. Have you ever checked the size of the control surfaces of the 737 compared to the ones the A320 has? Theres a big difference which also shows in handling ;)


The 737’s engines are more powerful than the A320’s. That’s what I was meaning, you don’t need to bluntly say “wrong”. You never knew the reasoning behind my comment.


I think an overhaul would be good but I still think people won’t fly away he Aircraft. It’s too big, it’s ugly and you can only fly to selected airports compared to the 787 series whose aircraft are designed to takeoff from basically all controlled airports. In my opinion an overhaul would have to be amazing if I were to fly the aircraft. The 747 will always be more popular that just my 2C


It’s nor to big neither ugly.

For me it’s the most beautiful long-haul aircraft ever built.