Airbus A380 rework


Hopefully it’ll come with global flight.


Plus most the liveries are already done so it shouldn’t be as time consuming…


i don’t think it needs any more liveries


How about ANA? The airline had ordered the plane recently, including Iran Air.


iran and ana defs


correct me if Im wrong but I believe every airline that has an a380 IRL is in IF plus some airlines that don’t have a380s


Yeah. Like transaero and air austral.


correct me if i am wrong but transaero and air austral pulled out of their A380 orders


haha never mind we’re missing the China Southern livery


Yes they did.


phew. i knew they did


Perhaps some liveries need a bit of a rework…


I really would like this aswell.


Implementing a BTV system would be stunning <3


The wingflex on the A380 looks the most stunning IMO :D


Pretty poor cockpit.


Yep, we need acompletely reworked A380!


“Dance of the Ailerons” 😍😍😍
I don’t really fly the A380 often, the model doesn’t look/feel right.


everyone who has ever flown the A380 loves that “dance”:
The pilots because of the ability of flying an A380 like an A320, and the passengers, just because it looks cool 😍😍


Yeah the ailerons going up and down, it’s really nice!