Airbus A380 Rework

For being the Queen of the skies, the A380 doesn’t get enough respect in game and real life


Small correction, for being the Queen of the skies, the B747 doesn’t get enough respect in game and real life


I wouldn’t exactly call the 747 not respected in real life, but rather quite the opposite.


Even Smaller correction, for being the King of the skies, the A380 doesn’t get enough respect in-game and real life


That’s what I meant


Got a question, unfamiliar with these things.

How many votes does this thread need for the aircraft reworked?

Just enough for the staff team to want to do it. I think the 737 got only about 400 votes, while the 747 and A380 have gotten well into the 1000s and haven’t yet been reworked.


Hey mate,

There is not a “set” number of votes that a #features request needs to be implemented as it’s not only votes that are taken into account when staff make decisions on what features to implemented, but it goes without saying that the more votes a feature has the more likely it is to be added at some point in the future as it’s the best way to show your support.

As mentioned, it’s not only votes that are taken into account but there are multiple different factors from a business perspective as well.

Hope this provides some clarity mate.

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Ahh righto!
Appreciate the clarification following the question. Was a little lost, thank you for giving me some context, you guys! :)


These are most of the possible liveries for the A380, with the ones that, IMO are the most likely in bold:

In alphabetical order of operators:

Air France:

  • Standard Livery

All Nippon Airways:

  • Green Flying Honu
  • Blue Flying Honu
  • Orange Flying Honu

Asiana Airlines:

  • Standard Livery

British Airways:

  • Standard Livery

China Southern Airlines:

  • Standard Livery

Emirates: (Oh god…)

  • Standard Livery
  • Year of Tolerance Livery
  • Astro (The sky is only the beginning) Livery
  • Journey to the future Livery
  • United for Wildlife Livery
  • Destination Dubai Livery
  • Dubai Expo (Be part of the Magic) Livery
  • Year of the Fiftieth Livery
  • Expo 2020 Blue Livery
  • Expo 2020 Green Livery
  • Expo 2020 Orange Livery

(IK there’s more, but there are WAY too many to find and manage, so if you have one I missed, please PM me.)

Etihad Airways:

  • Standard Livery
  • Choose London Livery
  • Choose South Korea
  • Year of Zayed 2018


  • Standard Livery


  • Original House Colours
  • Final House Colours

Korean Air:

  • Standard Livery
  • 50th Anniversary Livery


  • Old Livery
  • Current Livery

Malaysia Airlines:

  • Standard Livery
  • 100th A380 Livery


  • Old Livery
  • Current Livery
  • Go Wallabies Livery
  • Spirit of Australians Livery

Qatar Airways:

  • Standard Livery

Singapore Airlines:

  • Standard Livery
  • 50th Anniversary Livery

Thai Airways International:

  • Standard Livery

(If I missed any, please PM me with the details to add it. Thanks)
(Sorry if this post is too long, and if it is, let me know mods, and I’ll remove it)


HiFly, HiFly, HiFly, HiFly, HiFly, HiFly, HiFly, HiFly, HiFly, HiFly, HiFly


Oops… That’s a pretty big mistake, thanks for letting me know. I’ll fix it right away

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Would be great to have these liveries with the reworked A380, I’m not sure if those special liveries can be added with the livery rules. But I would really love to have these liveries in IF one day.

Yeah, it’s a shame about the rules, the Emirates Expo 2020 colours probably won’t make the cut, what do you think about the ANA ones?

Would love to think so but probably not unfortunately

The staff team can decide to do a special livery if they want, but it wouldn’t be like the ana one with all the paaterns and everything

What about the fantasy liveries? I personally dislike them, but I know that others may enjoy them. I reckon they will go, I doubt it would be worth the effort to update them.

I really hope that in a future possible Rework of this awesome Aircraft we will hopefully see at least one of those, however I’m not sure if those are considered special Liveries🥺


My exact thought process! But, yeah, it’s likely we might only get one of these beautiful liveries, if any at all, and if so, hopefully we get to vote on which one. 🤞


I don’t think so as those three are the only ANA Liverys for the A380 there is no “normal” ANA Livery for them

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