Airbus A380 Rework

We haven’t had a fully reworked military aircraft in over 3 years now - the devs can’t just do commercial aircraft and completely ignore military and GA aircraft.


I agree even tho I’m not a millitary or a GA fan.

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True but its really upsetting to see airliners become obsolete IRL before they make it to infinite flight, military aircraft are different and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

For example, the A330-200, A340 family, the 767? oh and of course the 747, I don’t mention the A380 because its not going anywhere and its some what evident its next up to be on the planned rework list.

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717,DC10,MD11 have also joined the chat

Yeah, by the time IF gets around to making a reworked A340 family the A340 won’t be a passenger plane anymore, hopefully its current operators hang onto them for a long time.

I don’t know if you have read the before-release of 21.8 they mentioned that some airliners were going to get removed from the fleet! And from my POV it seems that A340 and 742 are one of them (it’s just a thought, do not flag) since no one uses them anymore!

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And yeah despite the A343 having 2-4 operators mainly “preighter” config! And the A346 is extinct now (unless Mahan Air), the same applies to 742 and many other aircraft that the Infinite Flight has in its fleet!

I think reworking the whole A340 family is still a sensible move, as for the 747-200 i’d only want the few freighter versions that are still in service/have been in service in the 21st century

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If I was airbus I’d go for a re-engined A343 with the A321neo engines rather than a A359 NEO, it’d probably be insanely quiet with the PW GTF engines and be pretty fuel efficient for a 4 engine aircraft. Passengers perfer 4 engined aircraft anyways.


But you need to think from a Developer side also because one new model can impact the overall game performance and you know that our platform is a very limited one (i.e. mobiles)! Even if I was a developer (which I am clearly not) I wouldn’t add those in the game since no one uses them frequently as the A380! But nevertheless the team need to discuss this internally!

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Yes true. I still see the A340 as a very attractive plane to play with.

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Of course @N179LH! I some times replicate the LH flights and even the Mahan Air ones!

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But let’s stick to the topic of the A380!


my bad, i should better look up for info next time

During the poll of 2020, the A380 was the 3rd most voted. I suppose this can be consideration ;)

Photo: Infinite Flight Community


Please allow me to clarify something here, folks. I tweeted this:

… in response to a huge increase in comments on social media about the A380. Whenever we make moves in development (like announcing new features) a new “DO THIS!” trend emerges (we all remember the incessant “A350 NOW!!!” comments). 💀

Rest assured it’s on our radar for a future community poll!

That does NOT mean it’s next after the F/A-18 and E-Jets. It means we know it’s in demand, and it’s on our radar for the future. It’s a response to the constant comments while also saying that we don’t necessarily plan that far in advance. Things change.



Oh man lol. I remember how toxic that thread used to be, let alone how many times it had to be locked. 🤣

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To anyone who says the A380 is useless and is being retired just go look at flight radar right now


you forgot that side @Ethan_Brown ahah : Airbus A380 Rework - #2828 by LKA


Those people have to be informed before immaturely judge any aircraft.

The A380 will be really used when global travel comes to normal again.