Airbus A380 rework


If we would have a a380 rework i think that the cockpit should be like the a380 cockpit in Aerofly fs 2019 because the cockpit was pretty good.


It would be also better to have the left engines view as well as the right wing view. And not only the A380 should have this all the other aircraft schould habe this too.


yes, we need to protect the pilot from falling out, after they add the pilots😂😂😂


Just bringing this back up but honestly, today I saw a post not of mine but of @infiniteflight.posts on Instagram and it was the concept design of a reworked A380 cockpit and I honestly thought for a second it was the Actual infinite flight teaser, take a look, all credit to him for this amazing edit


I think it’s time that we had a long haul Airbus, we all ready have a Boeing and a Mcdonnell Douglas…


Agreed, we really do need this to be reworked!


Totally needed


This is true since Airbus a380 is one of the oldest plane on infinite flight and the cockpit and others require some work to make it more realistic and arrive to the standard level of infinite flight like B787, has realistic cockpit as well as decent wing view. a380 has been serving the infinite flight community for a long time and it is deserved to be rework to reach the curren standard of this simulator


Also even though there is 1000 votes on the 330 rework can we just remember that the the A380 is Older and Has about 2000 bugs that can’t just be ironed out. Like the cockpit wall bug. This should definitely be a reason as the airbus A380 is way more buggy than anything else currently in the sim!


Also this plane has also been quite neglected when it comes to liveries, we are missing loads of airlines (China southern, hifly, ANA etc) also we are missing any kind of special livery (Qantas new livery, all 3 different ANA’s, Emirates and Etihad ‘year of Zayed’ liveries etc) and even though the A330 only has a few liveries. The A380’s liveries are quite broken, for example the ribbon on the BA A380 should go over the first class windows but it’s near the roof, and the blue bar at the bottom should come just under the nose, but in IF it goes nearly up to the cockpit! I really hope this gets fixed pray pray pray


Right now, honestly it looks awful. the cockpit, wings, engines, logos, bugs ugh it just lost its pride of being the king of the skyes.


Completely agree, the A330 has 13 liveries and the A380 has 15, except two of the A380’s liveries don’t exist IRL, and the A380 has too many bugs to count!


The A330 I think has 130 (not shure) operators with the Cargo version.


I do think that this plane should be reworked, intact if you turn around in the cockpit, there is not a back wall. I do think that their are however, higher priority’s


People say this on every request, but what actually are the priorities?


Newer aircraft, other reworks like the 757, A330, etc. I personally don’t think the A380 is even worth reworking since some have already been scraped


I think the A380 rework is a good thing.


Everyone has there own opinions ;)


It’s just a persons’ belief that things can come first before a specific task.


I agree with Jackson, the A380 is so buggy it needs a rework!