Airbus A380 rework


Please don’t list what you want. A lot of people want these also. If you want it then go vote for it.


I’m not a fan of the A380 it’s too big in my opinion but it will be a great rework for long haul plus if FDS add the real A380 flap sound then yeah I will play IF global unless FDS lowers the prices.


Yeah,we could use a good rework,.maybe add a bit more details to the plane from the exterior


Now soon to be ANA


And the Turbine!


The A380 has some many things that can be add


I’m surprised this doesn’t have more votes. Why don’t people want the 380 redone?


Many people like other types aircraft before this one. It’s rework will come. Patience is key. ;)


I‘m a little surprised too since the A380 is on of the most flown aircraft in the sim, even though it’s not reworked yet.

Stats: fpltoif


I would like to see both


which plane is that? A380, or A340?


That’s the A380. You can tell by the winglets. ;)


I really want the a380 to be reworked. I don’t know why but maybe imagining an A380 cruising across the Atlantic with wingflex and a detailed cockpit might be a reason 🤷🏾‍♂️


A380 def needs a rework. Even though I don’t fly A380 often, the cockpit doesn’t look very good for sure


Well personally, I think this would be a great idea because especially what I have found is even the liveries like the BA one are of quite annoying standards. You can tell that the blue stripe at the bottom of the IF A380 is wayyyyyyy higher than the one on the real A380, shown below. I would love to see this rework because the A380 is my favourite plane and I do feel like the Airbus Heavies have been very neglected, and of course these will get reworked as IF Have said but I really hope it gets reworked soon, much love IF!


And I really hope this gets seen by some of the IF team as I really feel like this plane especially among other Airbus heavies are in dire need of a rework. Please, No new aircraft, please just rework these ones! I don’t mind if I never see an A350 until 10 years in the future, this rework 100% is needed as I feel like it’s one of the most diverse planes when it comes to routes, as most airlines fly long haul routes and most Airlines fly this plane to almost every major country. Also the ANA liveries will look brilliant on this. The A380 flies all types of routes. Short: Emirates - Kuwait to Dubai. Medium: Qatar - Doha to Bangkok and ANA - Tokyo to Honolulu. Long: british airways - London to Johannesburg and Air France - Paris to San Francisco. And ultra long: Qantas - Sydney to Dallas. These are all routes I would absolutely love to fly in IF as many others would. And I would LOVE to see airports Lit up with the beacons and strobes of the A380!


I have to admit a rework for the A380 wouldn’t be too bad since the A380 is a frequently flown plane on all severs, even though it’s definitely not up-to-date in terms of flight model or cockpit design.


Yeah, this doesn’t mean other planes shouldn’t get reworked I just think that this plane would probably benefit the most from a rework in the near future!


Woahwoah maybe I would if it were 10 years xD
But yea, it’d be great if the older planes got a rework, possibly alongside new models :)


This needs to be fixed as well.