Airbus A380 rework


They should replace the old Qantas and put the new livery in


Oh yes please remove Air Austral and Transaero. It’s the same like the UPS A330-200F. These airlines never owned, leased or operated the aircraft. If an airline went bankrupt it’s okay to add the livery imo, but in this case just remove the unreal liveries.


No, they should just add the new livery…


That is a pity that most of the operators of A380 is shown in IF except China Southern, but 2 virtual liveries. Now HiFly “Save the Coral Reefs” and ANA turtles are coming, I just hope someone can remember this airline, as some virtual liveries. 😢


The China Southern A380 would be a nice addition for sure!


I certainly hope this is coming soon, with the many beautiful but unique liveries (like the ANA A380’s, and HiFly Coral Reef A380). This would look so beautiful gracing the skies of IF. Considering how much it is used, I think a rework will happen for sure.


I am with you 100% - We really do need this


The fuel flow on this plane is absolutely horrific, I hope we can see this is plane get a rework soon


Sorry for the bump

I feel as though this rework could be a revolutionary one like the CRJ was. This aircraft is so complex in real life, but there are so many other feature requests that could be integrated into this.


I’m in full support for the a380 rework. Making sure I keep my vote for this. No doubt this aircraft needs a huge re-work.


I’d be happy with a cockpit rework, wing flex, better engine and wing detail and split ailerons. The fuselage itself looks fine and the physics arent too bad. A lot more work than the A320 family had but not a from-scratch rework like the CRJ, which seemed to take forever.


It would be great to see an updated BA livery, as the current one is a little off.


Is it too much to ask for a 3D Cabin, and 4K Cockpit textures? (Physics would just make me love FDS even more! 😱😍)


Nope! FDS has stated that these will be included with future reworks! ;)


Just voted for this today! I think an A380 rework would be a great thing to have. I’m sure FDS has plenty of things in the works before this, but I’m sure it will be updated eventually. Can’t wait!


I ran out of votes but if I could I would this would be such a great aircraft to rework as in IF global I’m flying the same planes e.g. A320 B77W or the B747.


I’m In love with this cockpit! Please rework A380:


That’s the A330 Cockpit…


Oops, wrong post! Thanks


The a380 should have wingflex better detailed wings and a new cockpit