Airbus A380 rework


not all of them, just to add some corrections a that point


This is an amazing airplane, and is extremely underappreciated, especially given how popular it is. Definitely got my vote.


Bumping this up because of the glitch in which you can see the world behind the cockpit. Really adds on to the pile of problems already present with the A380.


Would love to see the wing flex added to this aircraft too!


As well as the flaperon!(spoileron too!)


A380 has no flaperon, only a roll spoiler, and the special split ailerons, they would be awesome to have tho :)


Okay so as a conclusion, the A380 needs a rework. Totally agree. And it’s not that for example the 767 or 757 should have no rework, but maybe the A380 could be prioritized. If you go on training or expert, you always see the A380, especially overnight and at the big airports. So it’s definitely a plane used by many, and I think that’s one of the main reasons we should get an A380 with all the mentioned things above. Let’s vote this up!


As much as I love the A380 the 757 is far in need of one then the a380


The one needing an overhaul the most is obviously the Globemaster xD And sure the 757/767 need one, too, but I personally see way more A380 in IF‘s sky, and due to its famous status as the biggest passenger plain ever built AND its status as the one and only flagship of a lot of big airlines I think it should be prioritized.


Well it’d need wingflex…and also the interior light,cockpit light etc…I’d love to see an updated version of it :D


I can’t believe the A330 has 7 x as many votes as this. This is a much bigger and more impressive plane. The split ailerons together with wingflex would be so cool.


Both are pretty awesome planes, hope both will get a rework soon 😉


Yes please, would love to have it reworked. I would fly it for nearly every long haul :D


what I most want now is for this aircraft to be reworked.


Same here. Would really thank FDS if they do.


If FPLtoIF ( has valid data, then the A380 would be the most flown “old” plane. If this is taken into consideration of which aircraft is reworked soon, we should have good chances to get an A380 rework soon.


Thing with this is, there aren’t many new liveries to add. (It is kind of fun to have almost all of the available liveries in IF, besides the cool ANA turtle. (I wouldn’t mind having the Air Austral and Transaero livery removed though, since they don’t exist). Perhaps the Devs could shoehorn this in with something else, as the focus would be on the cockpit and physics as opposed to livery design.

As a side note, I did vote for this (honestly most of my votes are for aircraft reworks!)


Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you think the A380 is a little to fast ? if so this should be part of what they should fix.


What do you mean by fast?


I don’t think that speed has anything to do with it. It does have four massive engines that help it move so maybe cutting the throttle a bit would do it. :)

P.S. @Hinata, I think that he means knots (airspeed).