Airbus A380 rework


It would be nice to see a revamped A380 in IF with working throttle rudder pedals… and 3D switches like in the A320, with the “dance of the ailerons” and some livery bugfixes (For example: Lufthansa’s
D-AIMB is called “München”, the two letters “MB” at the tail are missing and the “red tips” at the “panels” holding the flaps aren’t applied at the DLH A380)

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Yes that would be cool also make it so the cockpit isn’t a zoomed in if you know what I mean. I might fly it more often then :)


A bit fast, no?


A380 is a amazing experience!! I fly it often and enjoy it a lot! because it’s a heavy aircraft it’s way more challenging :D


I would love it if the A380 got a whole update to it-self! like the A321


In my opinion the main reason why the A380 needs a revamp is because the outside model doesn’t look like the real one, especially the nose.

@GISINNIKITA 510 kts is the Ground Speed.


Maybe after the b787, Ejets, b767, b757, b717, spitfire, super D, F-14 etc…


I also think the flaps should be fixed as well as the ailerons… they don’t look right in the wing views.


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The A380 was reworked once, what else should be redone on it? I remember it having a pitch down attitude while flying.


I think most of the aircraft need a revamp. But the A380 would be a necessary one.


I agree. A lot of planes need revamping, with the new cabin and cockpit lights and everything, not to mention APPR. I’m not sure if the A380 even has that, but all I know is that the A380 is somewhere to start.


You forgot the Pepsi can


This is needed ;)


I think that the A380 needs more thrust power, and also revamp the face, I mean the nose, it doesn’t look like a actual A380.


Considering there’s no rumours on what will be revamped after the 777 and finally 787 i would love the revamped A380 be introduced with Global✌


Going to bump this topic because we need a great model of the a380 for global! Just imagine the IF a380 with wing flex, an updated cockpit, the ‘dancing ailerons’, etc…


Plus actual Airbus altitude callouts and alarms (daydreaming)


Just amazing :D


Indeed needs an overhaul, and more liveries.

I totally agree with this comment.