Airbus A380 regional flight

Don’t ask me wether it’s just a joke or not, but Emirates (who else should?) flies the route from Dubai (DXB) to Kuwait City (KWI) (UAE857) and back (UAE858) with an… A380. 850km. That’s done in about an hour.


Shame that Ek dosent send it to Doha :(

Routes between popular middle eastern cities are always full. You have many people traveling for a one-day business meeting. QR had 14 flights to DXB I think.

Qatar Airways sends a 77W occasionally to Bahrain. Just a 120 km flight ;)

As @dush19 said, these are ridiculously busy routes. They’re bound to use a large plane.

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Yeah, sadly. That’s not the right direction. Just because they have a lot of cash, they mustn’t pollute the environment like nobody else. Someone who flies a 120km flight just because it’s quicker does not seem to have a slight idea of how it affects their progeny’s living circumstances.

But look, that route is very busy mostly during the morning and evening hours. If there’s more demand, who wouldn’t send a big plane?

No surprise since they also fly with A380 to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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Yeah, why do the people even book a flight like that?
In a world where we have the possibility of doing video conferences. One flight of 1,5k kilometres is worse than driving a car for an entire year. Flights with a length of less than 500km can be avoided and have to be avoided.

They need a high density layout then.
But what about business class, if the plane has all economy seating? Aha! Solution!
Just get another plane and furnish it with business class!

I don’t understand this logic, Trans-Atlantic A318, Regional A380. I’m just going to jump out the window.

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More demand = Bigger plane

The A380 fitts that sum jus perfectly ((:

i saw that on a episode of ultimate dubai

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I watch that as well

yea they need more seasons, its been such a long time or airport maimi

Emirates are loaded

DXB-JED gets A380s last I checked.

DXB-DOH gets A380s? I know they send at least A340-600s but there are bound to be more I presume.

Thai sends their A380s on some semi-short inter-Asia flights.

Before China Southern could send A380s to AMS and LAX, they kept them on high traffic domestic routes. May still be doing it now

Conclusion: They are rich.

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And offer an amazing product to fly so many passengers as opposed to other carriers

Yes! 2/3 flights a day I think…

No A380’s on that route as I said. QR sends 77W and so does EK too. :)

I think I have seen it at WSSS

Also goes to Mumbai