Airbus A380 plus

Credit: Business Insider

This Airbus would just add more to the family.

I thought they were finished with the A380? Is the A380 plus still going to take orders?

Not just yet

That’s why they released the plus

Remember you can only have one picture. And don’t forget to put some information about the aircraft.

Oh didn’t know that

@Franna The A380 Family program has ended, according to wikipedia, it is one of the non-produced or undeveloped variants of the A380 program. I think you had gotten something mistaken.

The new winglets of the A380 promisses fuel efficiency and more range. Inside the aircraft there is a new stair configuration for more space. The aircraft hasn’t taken to the skies yet but it will in the near future.

I wouldn’t mind this coming with an A380 rework, but I don’t think this is worth a full update because it’s just a different variant

I think we should make this clear:

The A380 Program has ended and the A380plus will never exist

nuff said

This topic can be closed now


But how would they get the specifications if the program is cancelled

That’s a good point, so if it’s never added, then we get another plane. I wasn’t discussing the actual plane, just saying I think this is better for a rework, if it is somehow possible.

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Yeah I guess you are right about that

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Lack of info in OP andddd A380 is being put to rest soon. Unlikely