Airbus A380 Plus

@Ben put it right^^^^

Im out of votes gdi
This is seducing 😍

Maybe some airlines will pay to upgrade their existing aircraft? If the winglet is compatible, of course.

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Oh yeah the MD-11

Haha, everything in aviation looks similar

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Maybe because that’s the only way they can all fly 😂

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No actually they are more like the MD-11

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That looks more like reworked MD11 winglet

The airbus a380 plus should be next thing after global for shore!


There are currently 0 buyers as of yet to my knowledge. The a380 already had plenty of buyers, a rework would be a much better addition


Let’s just wait and see what happen next…for the a380plus

A380plus features new winglets for better aerodynamics, new cockpit systems, better performance for longer range, higher payload, new cabin, new crew rest, new forward stairs, new seating config. But at what point were new engines announced?

That would make it a neo, and it is not a neo.

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I was talking 777-200 to the 777-200LR.

I’m presuming the comment you were replying to has been deleted, that is why I assumed you were commenting on the A380plus. My mistake, sorry.

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Yeah, it was. No worries man.

There would be a increased MTOW if we added this to IF

Maybe it could come with the so much needed


I would love to see this in Infinite Flight

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Exactly non-avgeeks cant tell the difference. Plus (see what I did there) what liveries does it come in?

Well it has precisely zero orders so far so it has no liveries except maybe the Airbus livery.

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