Airbus A380 Plus

This is nonsense. Its exactly the same as the comon a380


Except global = range

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Wow, those wing,eats look familiar, where have I seen those? Oh yeah the 737-MAX


I didn’t know this, how many?

80 according to Airbus’ video

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Think we need to have an Airbus A380 rework first chaps…

Vote for it here:


Those winglets still stand out to me, although I’d like to fly with them… No operators or orders of as now, so wouldn’t really be very clever to add currently, once it gets some operators, i hope, then I’ll give it my vote!

I think the A380 rework needs to happen first, though. 🙂

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Damn it I lost the race this time to request a feature the moment a new plane or livery is released :/

Emirates would order soon.


To be fair, no orders as of yet, but was only released today, and their are in talks with Emirates about it. Seen it now on various aviation websites

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I think A380 rework would just be best

The two planes are very different. The -200LR was designed in tandem with the -300ER so they share the larger fuel tanks, similar wing design and more powerful derivatives of the GE90 engines. Since the 777-200LR has a larger fuel tank and high teck wing design, this precipitates the ultra-long range coupled with efficiency and wings with an outstanding visual impression.


I hope there is an option to retrofit the existing a380s with this state-of-the art new wingtip like when they introduced sharklets for the A320s

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An A380 rework would be good where it includes this

Yes please, but it looks like only Emirates will be getting it so far.

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And maybe Singapore Airlines and ANA new frames. But I hope they won’t

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@Ben put it right^^^^

Im out of votes gdi
This is seducing 😍

Maybe some airlines will pay to upgrade their existing aircraft? If the winglet is compatible, of course.

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Oh yeah the MD-11

Haha, everything in aviation looks similar

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