Airbus A380 is 15 years old!

On this day 15 years ago, January 23rd, 2002. the first Airbus went into production at the Airbus plant in Toulouse, France!
Photo Credits to Airbus


I would say it’s 12 years old as that’s when production started and when the test aircraft were unveiled. 2005 not 2002


This is the moust amazing Aircraft to fly on out there it was so cool to fly on this beauty every one that have flown on it moust agree that its a beautifal beauty.


Nowhere near as old or as classic as the 747


What a beautiful aircraft. Let’s hope it stays on for many more years.


Crazy that in those 15 years over 500 (orders and active) of those massive planes have been produced.

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It’s as old as me, I don’t feel that old though


That’s amazing! And production is already slowing down

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A380 is getting old.

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One year closer to death. Hooray A380. About 15 years of age.

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And the program is 29 years old


I feel old, I remember being excited when I first saw one now they are everywhere. Still a great plane and lets hope for more orders.

I would see no reason why you wouldn’t still see it in the mid 2060’s

That is if the airframe can take that much stress

Wow I’m a month younger than the A380 😳. The A380 was the aircraft started my passion for aviation.


Old, But still the whale

9 months older aha

It’s amazing how old aircraft get quickly. The technology might of been the best there was in the '90s and the 2000’s. But now, it’s quickly getting out done by the A350 and 787.

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Just a week after my parent’s wedding!

Sadly, a sign of early retirements of some A380s are going to come soon. Though I hope I can still see these beast by 2030s hopefully

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